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Artisanal beer brought to you from south of France

Lieu dit jean paul (centre agora), RD 562 83440 Callian – France

open Tuesday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Selection of constantly changing beers / Charcuterie and cheese boards on site


Our tale begins in a time far from our own (early 2000s), when an ambitious young entrepreneur named JB began his arduous journey to become a Master Brewer. During his initial fledgling brews, JB laid the foundation for the recipes he would be improving upon over the next decade. The time soon arrived for him to discover if his years of work had yielded a result to engage the palettes of his peers. It was with their customary sobriety that they applauded this ale beset with unexpected flavours. With this fresh success in mind, JB recruited three fellow beer enthusiasts to embark on turning his modest operation into a fully fledged brewery. Alex, Beef and Matt brought new ideas, passion and enthusiasm into the project. A budding chemistry developed and the team created an original and ambitious concept: Le Brassitorium.

Everyone agreed to the formation of a microbrewery at which they could produce the craft beers of their dreams. But, to truly get this adventure started, they needed the perfect location. Their choice fell naturally on the Canton of Fayence, a land of artisans, artists and events. Drawn to the innate creative spirit of this area, the team set to work on setting up shop.

During the initial ruminations of what Le Brassitorium could become, it was readily apparent that there was more that this group of people could create to engage with their local community. The decision to introduce a space for the recording and rehearsal of musicians and groups was a unanimous one. As was the desire to feature the work of local artists on the premises.

Community is at the heart of Le Brassitorium’s vision. We are an artisanal micro-brewery, but also a cultural laboratory where common and local projects can emerge and develop. This is only the beginning of our story, come with us to find out what happens next!!!


the Team


Brewery - Music Studio and Stage Service - Commercial

He is the creator of our recipes! A chef who works day and night like a madman to perfect his beer ideas. Intermittent of the show in the provision of event service, JB is also a multi-instrumentalist and an acoustic engineer.

Jean-Baptiste Caramellino


brewery - Communication - Stage service

Of British origin, Matt brings a little “exotic” touch (lol) to the making of our beers, which at home is considered the queen of the bars. Matt is also a multi-instrumentalist and on top of that he sings well in English!

Matthew Cowell 


brewery - Administration and Accounting - Communication - Expos

An avid traveler and English teacher, surprisingly he is the native of the country! A graduate in cultural and business development, he always thought that beer was first and foremost about culture!

Adrien Leboeuf 

le Kurz

brewery - Music and Stage Performance Studio - Commercial

Coming directly from the north of France, this pure ch’ti product, as who would say, fell into it when it was small. Beer therefore, that knows it! Sound engineer and tireless globetrotter, the Kurz is our own little drizzle, our little northern froth … Someone for whom beer should be part of our heritage.

Alex Kurzawa